About the Author

Marty Garza has spent most of his life engaged in all aspects of truck performance.  His interest in monster trucks began during their infancy circa 1980 which led him to a crew position for a team as early as 1984.  In 1989 he debuted the first in a series of ‘Overkill’ monster trucks earning a USHRA Thunder National Championship in 1992.  He later capitalized on his knowledge of the subject to establish Truck Toyz Performance which built many multi-award-winning street trucks for customers worldwide.  His creations have been featured in a great many magazines and one of his personal trucks was recognized as the Best Engineered Late Model at the prestigious SEMA Show in Las Vegas. 

Sought after for his extensive knowledge of the subject, Marty was contracted as the ‘Monster Tech’ feature writer for Truck World Online and as a commentator for ‘Truck Tech’ on the Motor Edge television series. He was also enlisted as a Technical Advisor for the Monster Truck Racing Association and has served on its Board of Directors for over a decade currently serving as Vice-President.  As an outspoken advocate for safety, he has conducted interviews with many major network news organizations and has been recognized with several industry safety awards earning the distinction as the first recipient of the prestigious Robert B. Chandler Award for Safety in 2018. 

In 2014 Marty joined forces with his long-time friend Michael Vaters Sr. to campaign ‘Overkill Evolution’ with Michael Vaters II at the helm quickly securing the 2014 Monster Jam Young Guns Championship returning the following year to earn the 2015 Monster Jam World Freestyle Championship.  His team continues to amass wins on the competition circuit where he enjoys serving as Crew Chief.  For his over three decades of contributions to the industry, in 2018 Marty was inducted into the International Monster Truck Hall of Fame.