About Monster Truck Technology

From humble origins, for over four decades and multiple stages of development, monster trucks have evolved from a backyard hobby to a billion-dollar industry due in large part to the efforts and ingenuity of many unsung heroes.  This is their story.    

In the book, Monster Truck Technology – The Definitive History of Monster Truck Evolution author Marty Garza takes the reader on a detailed historical journey through the various phases of monster truck development. For the first time anywhere, the reader is provided not only with a step by step chronology of technological advancements in key areas such as monster truck tires, axles, chassis, suspension, and drivetrain but equally important, the context in which they were created.  In addition, the author also presents early examples of previously unknown variations of the concept which predate the establishment of the term. 

For decades there have been persistent debates concerning various aspects of the creation of the monster truck.  Such quarrels are often flawed as they are largely based on the fundamental presumption that the monster truck is a static concept in terms of both composition and purpose.  This book delineates how the monster truck is not a singular creation, but instead the sum of many technologies orchestrated in such a manner to achieve purposes which, like the vehicles themselves, have evolved over time.

Uniquely, Monster Truck Technology – The Definitive History of Monster Truck Evolution does not rely upon high resolution staged photos and instead provides exhaustive factual information depicting raw images which are true to the very nature of the developments themselves. 

The objective of this book is to document and preserve the heritage of the monster truck industry and to give credit to those individuals whose contributions have been largely unrecognized but which played a significant role in achieving the spectacular level of technology and performance witnessed by millions of fans globally today.

Pages: 456

Size: 8.5x11 (inches)

Format: Hardcover and Laminated Paperback

Illustrations: 692 color photos & diagrams